Readers Become Leaders!

Even though we are home sheltering in place we still find ourselves running out of time during the average day. If we are working from home, caring for children or elderly family, our days are filled with "to do" lists and "honey do's". When do we have time to read to our children? I get asked this question so many times. My answer is always the same. Make time. It is so important to find time to read to our children no matter what age. Yes, even our big babies need to be read to.

Research tells us that readers become leaders. Children who are read to become avid readers and of course have larger vocabularies and greater skill sets. So how can we find time to read to our kids? Well, I am a lover of the bedtime story. Reading to our kids at the end of the day helps to settle them down and get a good night's sleep without tablets and televisions. If possiable starting your day with a great story is also a good idea. Other times for storytime are;

  • after dinner.

  • have older children read to younger ones during dinner prep or car rides.

  • have weekend book clubs, every member takes a turn.

  • record stories in your voice/video for later use.

These are just a few suggestions for reading to your children. However you do it, just do it! I will pay off in the end! Happy reading!

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